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Hey guysss, you've probably noticed but this account is borderline inactive right now and I don't have plans for that to change any time soon.

First and foremost reason is that when I moved home from college my health issues aggravated really bad. I was diagnosed with OCD years ago and while I spent most of my life trying to ignore the symptoms it flared up horrible when I got home due to work / personal stress. While it affected me in a lot of ways the most noticeable was that my ability to comprehend art (and to some extent, writing) was pretty much fried. I wasn't able to just look at a picture any more; my brain would feel like it was still "processing" for minutes on end, taking in every single part of a picture as if it was some puzzle I had to figure out and burn into my brain. Needless to say this made dA and Tumblr pretty much intolerable. I ended up quitting Tumblr entirely because of it and I've been severely neglecting dA as well. I started anxiety medication lately, which has been helping a lot (as have some positive changes at work and home), but I'm still not really fully back on dA yet and honestly I'm not sure I want to be.

The second reason is that, as much as looking at art used to be fun, my main reasons for being on dA have always been to keep up with friends and to submit my own art, neither of which I've been doing much of anymore. I feel I don't have the time or energy to really keep up with people I've already drifted away from, even though I still miss them and am fond of them. As far as art goes, on top of not having much free time now I have and always have been a proud perfectionist when it comes to art. Probably due to the OCD, I feel like my art MUST be great or I can't take any joy in it. So seeing other artists with better skill so casually outdo me in a fraction of the time it takes me to make a shoddy piece of art has really killed my motivation. I'm still hoping to resume drawing eventually, I just don't see it happening in the immediate future.

So... them's the breaks, I guess. dA was a wonderful part of my life for many years, namely because of all of you, which is why I think it's taken so long to step back from it even when I wasn't enjoying it much any more. Still, regardless of what happens I'll always have fond memories of this place, and I should still always be reachable via notes, so if anyone ever wants to keep in touch, feel free. :') 

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